What’s the Big Deal with the CrossFit Open?

Most of you have probably heard your coaches talking about the CrossFit Open by now. Or maybe you watched the video we made about it a few weeks ago or read one of Kelcie’s or Ian’s posts about it. So you are probably wondering, what is the CrossFit Open and why should I care?

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event that will directly qualify the top individuals in the world for a spot at the CrossFitGames. It lasts for five weeks. Each Thursday, the workout for that week will be announced. Then athletes around the world have until Monday at 7pm CST to complete the workout and submit their scores. 

But in truth it is MUCH MORE than just a qualifier for the Games. If that’s all it was, there would be many less athletes participating – because let’s be real, most of us don’t have a shot at making it to the Games. The CrossFit Open is a time when the entire community comes together to encourage each other and to test themselves. There is something truly awe inspiring about “competing” with tens of thousands of other athletes. Athletes around the world will surprise themselves during these five weeks by pushing themselves to do things they might not have done if not for the Open.

At Sheyenne River CrossFit, we will be celebrating the Open with Friday Night Lights each week. So what does that mean? In place of our regular class schedule, we will be running heats of the workout from 5-8pm. We will have a theme for each night. You are not required to dress up, but crazy costumes make everything more fun! (Everyone remembers the T-Rex at the Christmas party right? 😁 ) And this year, thanks to our remodel, we have an awesome viewing space! Everyone is welcome to come, get your workout in, and then stay to hang out and cheer on everyone else.

In addition to the fun on Friday nights, Rhoda and Nate will be leading a little internal competition. Everyone who has signed up for the CrossFit Open will be randomly divided into two teams. We will setup custom leaderboards for the teams on games.crossfit.com so you will always be able to login to your Games app and see how your team is doing. Scoring will be based on the workout – this will likely be an average because one team may have more members. There will also be bonus points awarded each week for the team that shows the most spirit – cheering and encouraging the rest of your teammates through each workout. There will also be bonus points each week for the team with the best costumes. The coaches running Friday Night Lights will be the judges of who receives the spirit points and the costume points each week.

So should you sign up to participate? Definitely! Even if you just started CrossFit, there are scaled versions of all the workouts and you might surprise yourself. You can also participate in Friday Night Lights without officially signing up for the Open and joining one of the teams. The next five Friday nights will be a lot of fun. We hope to see you there!

Anna Soland