Shoes for CrossFit

When it comes to sports, if you want to compete at the highest skill level that you possibly can, you will need the correct equipment. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment that you need is that which meets the ground, your shoes. In CrossFit, this holds true, but the real question is: What type of shoes should you get?

One of the main parts of CrossFit is moving your feet quickly. Whether you’re doing box jumps, running, or Olympic lifting, you will need a shoe that feels very light on your feet. This is the same for almost any sport. The lighter the shoe, the more efficiently you can move. So, running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, and many more would meet these criteria.

Another big part of the sport is Olympic lifting and other barbell movements. For this part of CrossFit, you would want a shoe that is flat to the ground and extremely stable. The reason for this is that when squatting or deadlifting you want to have your ankles as stable as possible. Running shoes will be very high in cushion which will cause a lot of ankle instability when stationary. Basketball shoes are also made to have more movement in the foot which will lead to instability in your ankles. Shoes that are flat soled like CrossFit shoes or Converse will be the best for Olympic lifting because they give you a very sturdy base which allows you maintain balance and power throughout the lift.

One more aspect that you need in a good CrossFit shoe is comfort and cushion. In most shoes, cushion is very soft and air-filled, whereas, in a CrossFit shoe the cushion is very dense which won’t be as comfortable while running, will keep your foot pain free for short distance runs and almost anything else that is encountered in the sport.

In conclusion, many shoes will work for different parts of the sport, but specific CrossFit training shoes will be the most efficient in all aspects. Running shoes are the best for running workouts, lightweight shoes are the best for gymnastics workouts, and lifting shoes are the best for barbell workouts. So, if you don’t want to buy three or four different pairs of shoes then CrossFit training shoes will be the most universal for the sport.

Author: Nate Christenson

Anna Soland