Attitude is a Choice

Hey everyone! The purpose of this blog post is to both encourage positive behavior for those of you that read this, but also to hold myself accountable to this.  If it’s in writing you have to do it, right?  So here we go!


This post comes from personal experiences.  As some may know, because I was pretty upset about it, most of my lifts went down significantly (in my opinion) last summer.  For a little background, I was training relatively hard leading up to Dakota Games and felt like I was in great shape.  Metcons felt strong and fast, and lifting felt strong as well. After multiple events over 2 days, my body was pretty shot after the competition.  So when I returned to the gym after a couple of days off, I focused on recovering as best I could.  A lot of light movements just trying to move my body and get a good sweat on.  After my body felt like it was back in “fighting shape” I decided not to follow any programming and just work on whatever I felt like working on day to day.  This was nice, because nothing became more sore than I wanted and allowed for some more of the fun things. Unfortunately, working out like this negatively impacted my overall strength.

When I moved back to Fargo in August, I attempted to do the CrossFit Total (Total Weight from 1 Rep on Deadlift, Back Squat, and Strict Press).  My body felt pretty good, my legs and back weren’t abnormally sore and my shoulders were in great shape. It was going to be an awesome day lifting heavy and hopefully hitting new PR’s for all 3 movements.  I’ll make this quick, I didn’t hit new PR’s. In fact, I didn’t get close to any of my previous PRs.  I was furious.  I let this control the rest of my day, which spilled over into the rest of the week.


Here’s the point to all this.. Let’s take our moment to be upset. Take a couple of deep breaths.  Now it’s time to move on.  It’s okay to be upset, it means you’re either passionate or care enough about whatever it is you’re attempting to do.  Let’s try to look past the negative thing that just happened and come up with a game plan for what’s going to happen next.  We only have so much time in our day, so let’s try not to give any more time than we need to those negative thoughts or feelings.  Maybe this is gym related, but it can also be from work or maybe from a fight with someone at home.  We have the choice of how we react to situations, choose positivity and watch how your mindset changes.

Author: Ian Aarsvold

Anna Soland