Anna Soland

I have always had a love of sports and the outdoors. I grew up as one of seven children on a farm. I first tried CrossFit in 2012 at a recently opened CrossFit box in California. That first night, the trainers taught me how to squat – something I thought I already knew how to do. And then I did my first high intensity WOD. It only took a few minutes and looked so simple on paper, but it left me gasping for breath like nothing I’d ever done before. Like so many others, after just a single workout I was hooked! After that first night, I was at the box as often as I could get there, trying to learn everything at once.

CrossFit also gave me a confidence in myself that I didn’t have before, and I have seen it do the same thing for others. Through CrossFit, I did things I never would have thought I could do physically – muscle ups, handstand push-ups, bodyweight snatch, double bodyweight deadlift, and lots more. Watching myself reach my goals and steadily improve built a lot of confidence in myself and what I could do. If I could, I would bring everyone I know into a CrossFit box just for the confidence it builds, even if there was no added physical benefit.

Starting CrossFit drastically changed my life and I want to bring that to others. I want to give men and women confidence in their bodies and in themselves. And I want to create a community that draws people together and builds them up. I want to teach everyday people how to be healthy and how to make their lives better. I want to be there to cheer them on for every little step in the right direction and to help them back up again on the tough days. And that is why I became a CrossFit coach and ultimately started this gym.

Certs: CF-L1


Rhoda Christenson

All my life I have loved sports, but it wasn't until I was introduced to CrossFit that I found my true passion. Throughout high school I competed in every sport I could whether cross country, volleyball, basketball, or track. After graduating I played a couple years of college basketball and took competed in my first triathlons. But it wasn't until shortly after my Sophomore year of college, that my older sister introduced me to CrossFit. From the very first day I knew I had found something special. There are so many things I love about CrossFit, but the one that sticks out to me the most is community. CrossFit is place where anyone from any background is welcome, and I love being a part of that.

In January 2014 I got my CrossFit level one and began my journey towards becoming a coach. Several years after that I got my USAW certification and then went on to get my CrossFit level 2. I am so excited to have the opportunity to come to work every day and share my passion with the people around me. I have found that there is nothing more rewarding than helping people reach their goals and seeing the look on their face when they accomplish something that they never dreamed possible.

Currently, I am working towards a degree in Physical Therapy and am excited to incorporate what I am learning into my coaching. CrossFit has changed my life, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion with others.


Certs: CF-L2, USAW


Nate Christenson

I’m Nate and I’m one of the morning coaches at Sheyenne River CrossFit. I was born and raised in Minnesota where I attended college at M State Fergus Falls. I played football for two years In Fergus before graduating with my AA degree and moving to Fargo. I am now a part time sales associate at Scheels where I sell shoes in hopes to save enough to finish my degree. I’ve been coaching CrossFit since SRCF opened in April 2017.

Certs: CF-L1


Ian Aarsvold

I am a currently studying Crop and Weed Science at NDSU. I found CrossFit when I was looking for a change during my weight loss journey.  CrossFit offered just that, and much more.  I have been able to push myself farther than I ever thought I could, done things I never thought I would, and made so many amazing friends in this community. As a coach, I enjoy watching others take the initiative to change their life and do things they never thought they could.

Certs: CF-L1


Kelcie Thoennes

I was born and raised in West Fargo. In school I participated in swimming and softball. I always enjoyed being active and after a couple of years of being more sedentary I decided to start a fitness routine again.

I started CrossFit in January of 2015. I was drawn to the high intensity workouts, welcoming community and having a coach lead class. After doing CrossFit for about 3 years I realized I really enjoy the lifting and moving aspects of CrossFit and decided to train for strongman events. I have enjoyed training for strongman while continuing with CrossFit for the metabolic conditioning and comradery within the community.

When I am not at Sheyenne River CrossFit I work as an RN at Essentia health. I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with family, swimming and reading. 

Certs: CF-L1


Brock Hosman

I’m Brock Hosman, and I was born April 21st, 1989. I started my adventure with CrossFit around June in 2017 with SRCF as a new member. Since that time I have made many friends and accomplished many goals.

In 2019 I achieved my CrossFit level one, allowing me to coach and assist others in achieving their own goals and in living a healthier life. I have also recieved my associate degree in Business Management and Liberal Arts.

I continue to coach and work on my CrossFit goals daily with my soon to be wife Ashley. We always push each other to better ourselves inside the gym and out.

Certs: CF-L1